After nine years of existence as a COMELEC citizenís arm and as a co-worker in the churchís social apostolate for credible, honest, accurate, meaningful and peaceful elections.  PPCRV has gone along way to fulfill its vision and mission of a socially transformed electoral culture.

In this crucial May 2001 National and Local elections (after another historic EDSA 2 Peoples Power), we will once again renew our commitment, as volunters and as deciples of social transformtion, to strengthen the roots of true liberal democracy in the safeguarding of oneís sacred right to vote.  Through this involvement we give witness to our identity as christians and as Filipinos. 

May we continue to live out the challenges of the JUBILEE YEAR, docile to the action of the Holy Spirit.  Mabuhay tayong lahat!  

Mabuhay ang PPCRV!


POLLWATCHING is an organized activity of citizens inorder to ensure a fair, clean, honest and peaceful elections by vigilant monitoring of election activities.  Pursuant to COMELEC Resolution no. 2971 your rights and duties as a PPCRV watcher are:

{To stay in the space reserve for you.

{To observe the procedures of the Board.

{Take notes of what you may see or hear.

{To take photographs of the proceedings.

{To file a protest against any irregularity or violation of the law.

{To obtain from the board a certificate of protest.

{To read ballots and returns without touching them.

{To obtain the certificates of votes cast for the candidate duly signed and thumbmarked by the Board of Elections 
Inspectors (BEI) and by the six (6) political watchers, if available.

{To accompany members of the BEI in the delivery of ballot boxes and election returns.

NOTE: Watchers shall not speak to any members of the Board, or any voter, or among themselves, in such a manner 
               that would disturb the proceedings of the Board




POLLWATCHERS are assigned to:

KNOW the general situation in your area.

KNOW the different support groups in your polling place.

KNOW the PPCRV operation procedures in your polling place.

KNOW the BEI at your assigned precinct and establish a good relation with them.

If possible, VISIT the polling place the day before elections.

(For Polling Place Coordinators) ESTABLISH a good working relationship with the head of your assigned polling place-e.g. Principal, Director, etc.


Be in your polling by 6:00 am for final instructions.  

Bring the following items with you: a) Pollwatching guidelines, b)Ballpen and notebook, c) Flashlight or candles, d) Lighter or matches, e) Calculator, f) COMELEC/PPCRV identification card (and/or accreditation), g) Camera with films and batteries.  

Present yourself courteously to the BEI Chairman. And, get to know the BEI members will be setting up in the Polling Place. Regularly, there will be only 3 members in the BEI but in case of automation a fourth member will be added).  

Check forms and supplies. Included are: a) Book/List of registered voters wrapped and sealed, b) official ballots wrapped and sealed-1.2 ballots per registered voter [ In case of automation there will be two kinds of ballots- one for automation (National Positions) and another for manual (Local Positions).], c) One set of elections returns wrapped and sealed (7 copies), d) envelopes and seals for excess ballots, marked ballots and election returns, e) ballot box empty, turned upside down before being locked with three padlocks ( in case of automation there will be another ballot box for this purpose.), f) Two self-locking metal seals, and g) supply of indelible ink (2 bottles per precinct).  

List down the quantity of serial number of the following : a) official ballots,b) envelopes for election returns, c)election returns, and d) ballot box.


(Voting starts 7:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm)

Voting may continue after 3:00 pm if there are voters within 30 meters polling place.

Only the following are allowed in the polling place: a) BEI members, b) pollwatchers, c) COMELEC representatives, d) voters casting their votes, e) voters waiting for their turn to cast their votes, g) other persons authorized by COMELEC.

There should be no more than 20 persons at any time inside the precinct waiting for their turn to cast their votes. Know how to use their proper crowd control procedure.

The following are not allowed within 50 meters of the polling place except when voting: a)officers and members of the AFP and PNP, b) any Peace Officer, and  c) Barangay officials.

Propaganda or campaign materials should not be found inside the polling place or within 30 meters.

Firearms and  other deadly weapons should not be found within  30 meters of the polling place.

The BEI should  not  pre-sign any election form.  

Voters being assisted  must be illiterate/disabled and must be indicated in the registration record.  No one can assist these voters more than thrice except the BEI.  

You have the right to challenge the identity of any suspicious-looking voter of the following grounds:          

      A. Challenge against illegal voters: 1) not     being registered, 2) using the name of another, and 3) suffering from existing  disqualifications.

       B.  Challenge based on certain legal acts: 1) received or expects to receive, paid, offered or promise to pay, contributed, offered or promise to contribute money or anything or value or as consideration for his vote or for the vote of another, 2) made or received  a promise to influence the giving or withholding of any such vote, and 3) made of a bet or is interested directly or indirectly in a bet which depends upon the result of election.

A challenged person who refused to take oath before theboard must not be allowed to vote.

Make sure you have a record of challenges made.

The Chairman must not apply a drop of indelible ink in a voterís finger nail before giving the ballot to the voter.

Make sure that the BEI Chairman signs the ballot before giving it to the voter.

Make sure that the serial number of  accomplished ballot matches  that which is in the voters list.

Make sure that the proper procedure in disposing excess and spoiled ballot is observed.

No voters can changed his defaced ballot more than twice.

Make sure that all proceedings and incidents are recorded in the minutes of the voting of the Board.



In case of automation, after the voting period ends, the computerized votes are brought to the deisgnated counting center for automated count.  Make sure that a  PPCRV watcher accompanies  the ballot box to the proper counting center. (If no automation is done then we shall proceed to the counting of votes in the precinct level. Furthermore, the local votes cast will also be counted in the precinct level).

Check lay out of  the precinct (positioning  of poll watchers ).

It is not your task to tally on the board.

See to it that the proper appreciation and counting of the ballot is followed.  As a general principle, every ballot shall be presumed  valid  unless there is a clear and good reason to justify its rejection.  Remember that the object of the election is to obtain the expression of the votersí will.

Make sure that ballots are read correctly and the election returns are filled up properly.  

Spoiled, marked or unofficial ballots must be placed in their proper envelopes, sealed an deposited in the spoiled ballots compartment.

The BEI must not make any alterations or amendment in the election returns after the announcement of the results in the polling place.

DO NOT FORGET to request for a Certificate of Voters from the BEI ater the announcement of the result.

The CERTIFICATE OF VOTERS must be properly filled up,signed and thumbmarked by the BEI members and by the six political watchers, if they are available.

Do not leave the precinct until all election documents have been properly sealed and locked inside the ballot box.  Items include: 1) envelope containing used official ballots; 2) envelope containing half of the torn unused official ballots, including the 20 percent allowance; 3) the envelope containing excess, or marked, spoiled ballots; 4) envelope containing a copy of the minutes of voting and counting of votes; 5)tally sheet, and 6) stubs of used pads of official ballots.  BUT MOST OF ALL it is important for you be present and attentive during the counting, giving full attention to the preparation of election returns.



Accompany the delivery of the ballot box to the City/Municipal treasurer immediately after the counting.  

Accompany the delivery of the election return to the office of the election  officer.

Election documents left out that should be locked inside the ballot box must be delivered to the COMELEC or the election officer.

The ballot box must not be re-opened until during the canvassing or if there is written consent from the COMELEC.

The disposition of election returns are as follows:

A. 7 copies in the Election of  Senators, Congressman and Party List Representatives: 1) City/Municipal Board of Canvassers; 2) Congress c/o Senate President; 3) COMELEC; 4) Dominant Majority Party; 5) Dominant Minority Party; 6) COMELEC Citizensí Arm for Unofficial Quick Count; 7) Ballot Box-Compartment for valid ballots.

B.  7 copies in the Election of the Local Officials: 1) City/Municipal Board of Canvassers; 2)COMELEC; 3)Provincial Board of Canvassers; 4) Dominant Majority Party; 5)Dominant Minority Party; 6) COMELEC citizensí Arm for unofficial quick count; 7) Ballot Box-compartment for valid ballots.



It is important that you are there during the canvassing.  

Make sure that what is being read in the Election Returns is correct and properly entered in the certificate of canvass and in the statement of votes for each precinct.


As an accredited citizensí arm of the COMELEC, PPCRV is entitled to appoint a watcher in every polling place.

Refer to the PPCRV Pollwatching Manual for further clarifications.

Do not hesitate to approach any BEI if you have any questions.

Do your job with joy and humility in your heart.  If possible avoid confrontations.

Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance.



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